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Aerospace News

Gesture Control, Thermochromic Ink & More in PriestmanGoode's Latest Cabin Concept
Published at 29/07/2020

Can a combination of touch-free tech, color innovation and hygiene safeguards spell long-term success for airlines? A new concept by PriestmanGoode bets yes. PriestmanGoode today unveiled a new cabin concept, called Pure Skies, that it believes can help…

UAE launches mission to Mars
Published at 22/07/2020

The UAE has successfully launched its Mars mission from Japan's Tanegashima Space Centre after two delays last week due to bad weather.[...]

Viasat Eliminates Ka-band Speed Limits for Business Aviation
Published at 10/07/2020

Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global communications company, today announced it has removed internet speed limits delivered to the aircraft across all of its business aviation Ka-band service plans.[...]

Aircraft Industry Trade Shows

   Airtec Munich
Organisation: Airtec GmbH & Co. KG
12.10.2020 - 14.10.2020 (Munich) -
L’Airtec compte parmi les plus grands salons de l’industrie sous-traitante pour l’aviation et la navigation spatiale. Le…

Organisation: Zhuhai Airshow Co., Ltd.
10.11.2020 - 15.11.2020 (Zhuhai) - annuel
International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition - Salon professionnel international de l'aviation en Chine, qui se tient au…

   IDEX 2021
Organisation: Idex LLC
21.02.2021 - 25.02.2021 (Abou Dhabi) -
IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology…