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Aerospace Monitoring
New technology converts waste plastics to jet fuel in an hour
Published at 18/05/2021

Washington State University researchers have developed an innovative way to convert plastics to ingredients for jet fuel and other valuable products, making it easier and more cost effective to reuse plastics.[...]

Shark skin coating takes to the air
Published at 12/05/2021

Lufthansa will coat its fleet of 10 Boeing 777F cargo planes with a film made by BASF that features a surface inspired by shark skin.[...]

Arabian Aerospace - New flagship Falcon is a perfect 10 for Dassault
Published at 11/05/2021

Dassault Aviation launched its new flagship business jet at a special digital unveiling of the clean sheet design Falcon 10X to its key markets around the world today.[...]

Aircraft Industry Trade Shows

United States of America  Event  Westec
Organisation: Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME
21.09.2021 - 23.09.2021 (Long Beach) -
Sur la Westec afficher les sociétés internationales les plus récentes technologies de machines-outils, métallurgie, machines…